Practical information


Opening hours

Open every day except Mondays.
Tuesday - Friday: 09:00-15:00
Saturday – Sunday: 12:00-16:00

Reading room 

Tuesday – Friday: 09:00-15:00

 Admission fee

Children (under 16) : FREE
Adult: 90,- NOK
Student: 45,- NOK

How to get here? (illustrasjon - kartet her)

By car:

Visitors arriving by car can park in the car park with driveway from the Ragnvald Blakstadsvei. There you will find the main entrance with a lift taking you to the reception on Level 5.  There is also an external staircase leading to the farmyard, where there is a secondary entrance.

By bus:

Buses from city center stop near the Museum: number 110, 113 og 150. 

Return to the city center: number 112 or 150.

On foot:

You can also walk from the city center, it takes about 20 minutes.

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